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Baseline Assessment of Health Needs

in the Community (Student Version)



HEZ representatives developed a consolidated Student Version and implemented it through Focus Groups at Mt. Hope High School, including the Swim Team, National Honor Society, Gay/Straight Alliance, Art Club and Extended Day Program.  In total over 110 responses were returned.  Some of the trends in the Student Version echo the sentiments from the general Baseline Assessment, including the following: 


Physical Activity
Students in Bristol are active.  76% of respondents participate in regular exercise during the week.  Student respondents also felt strongly regarding the lack of town-offerings around an indoor pool (41%) and swim lessons (40%).  61% of respondents indicated that if the Town had an indoor swimming facility, they would use it.  At least 44% of student respondents don’t believe Bristol schools have safe walking/biking routes so students can walk/bike to school.


Public Transportation in Support of Healthy Living
The majority of student respondents (76%) indicated they do not use RIPTA services, however, 35% indicated they would use a town-sponsored transportation system.

Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention
Of particular interest, are the student responses around substance abuse awareness and prevention.  Almost 76% of respondents claim they know someone who has used illegal drugs in the past 30 days.  While 65% believe there is a problem with drugs in the community, identifying ease of access, lack of information, and accountability/enforcement as the top issues facilitating the drug problem.

When asked what students need to live a healthier lifestyle, respondents answered with more physical activity opportunities (48%), more education (27%), and affordable healthcare (23%).

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