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Community Partners Outreach Survey/Personal Interviews

The Community Partners Outreach Survey and in-person interviews completed early on in the process, informed the framework for the Baseline Assessment as well as the prioritization of the Work Plan.  The mid-stream realignment towards a more clinical approach rounded out the remainder of the Baseline Assessment.  General topic areas for the Baseline Assessment included Healthy Food Access and Nutrition; Physical Activity; Community Design in Support of Healthy Living; Public Transportation in Support of Healthy Living; Personal Health and Wellness; Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention; Community Engagement in Support of Healthy Living; and a Demographics section.  Trends in what we heard as concerns and/or gaps in the community included the following:

Access to Healthy Foods/Nutrition
• Family dynamics around food
• Transportation needs
• Cooking instruction/classes
• Community gardens/CSA’s

Physical Activity
• Neighborhood parks and playgrounds
• ADA Access
• Free/Low-cost public facilities and programs
• Transportation needs
• Complete Streets Policy
• Walkability/Safe Routes to Schools/Bikeability

Personal Health and Wellness
• Health literacy
• Insured/Underinsured
• Transportation needs
• Social/Emotional development
• Parenting skills
• Counseling/Support for special populations
• Holistic alternatives
• Diabetes prevention
• High-blood pressure/Hypertension

Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention
• Heroin epidemic
• Marijuana use/abuse
• Prescription medication abuse
• Alcohol abuse
• Determinants/Alternatives
• Transportation needs 

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